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ONE girl, ONE run, ONE fateful inspiration to last more than a lifetime. We are a foundation inspired by LOVE, intent on giving to others and vowing to make a difference.


Always remember to Run with your Heart and not your Legs...the way Jaime did! 


As an avid runner with an unmatched zest for life, Jaime Rowley would spend mornings running the paths and sidewalks of Ashburn, Va. In the early morning of March 12, 2014, Jaime was hit by a car while running and she did not survive her injuries. In the aftermath of this unthinkable tragedy, people from near and far embraced her family and friends with an outpouring of support and love.  


In awe of the compassion that was given to them, Jaime's family and friends were driven to create the Run for Jaime Foundation with the goals of promoting runner safety awareness and to help provide future and immediate financial needs to children who have lost a parent too soon. 






Our Symbol


The color PURPLE is often associated with people who are visionaries, with high ambitions, dreams and desires, and a compulsion to help humanity. Jaime Rowley fit this description perfectly. Jaime was an extraordinary mother, sister, daughter and friend. She had a passion for life that was unmatched and she truly lived everyday to it's fullest. 


We have created this ribbon as a symbol of our commitment to the preservation of her legacy in the aftermath of this tragedy. Our hope is by wearing this ribbon runners near and far will be reminded to put their safety first with every step! Our first Run for Jaime was on March 15, 2014.

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