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The Run for Jaime Foundation (R4J) was founded in 2014 by the family and friends of Jaime.  The founding members consist of Jaime’s immediate family (mother, brother, sister, and brother in-law) and some of her best/lifelong friends.  As a non-profit organization, the R4J’s objective is to keep the legacy of Jaime’s memory alive and have her passion for running and zest for life felt by people everywhere.


We are deeply committed to the advocacy of runner safety and to provide support for families who have been affected by a unexpected tragic loss. Sudden death by accident or misfortune brings up additional issues for the survivor(s), which can complicate the grieving process for years. There is no amount of preparation that can equip someone for the sudden tragic loss of a loved one. Families are forced to face the loss instantaneously and the burden of planning funeral services. Along with the primary loss of the person, families may experience concurrent crises and multiple secondary losses: lost income, loss of home, loss of savings. The role of the loved one/and or provider is suddenly gone. It takes time and money for the family to reorganize their new reality.


In our new reality we are healing through this foundation to keep our bond to Jaime, who was such a big part of our lives. The foundation is based on our bond, love and dedication, and that is who we are at the Run for Jaime Foundation.  Above and beyond anything we are friends and family that volunteer and aid in making the foundation successful...and we will have Jaime’s legacy live forever.  






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